Candida Symptems

Castor Oil and Candida

Yeast Infection No More

There are a number of probiotic products that claim to be effective against candida. They can be a good first step to reduce our suffering, if you have the will to retake control of your own body.

ThreeLac is a popular Japanese product that has been very successful for some people. It is readily available online from Amazon stores.

FiveLac is a new product from the manufactures of ThreeLac with 2 extra strains, to make it more effective than 3lac.

Castor Oil and Candida

We can take a number of steps to help our fight against candida. If we minimize processed foods, sweets and soft drinks, we are taking a good first step. If we do this anyway, we are giving our immune systems a distinct advantage in looking after our bodies for us. This should be a long term benefit, regardless of whether we are fighting candida or not. It may seem difficult at first, but if we can find ways to simplify our diet, we can win all round. Eating a good variety of vegetables is always very worthwhile.

Higher Nature has good quality products, that include probiotics.

They include

Castor Oil and Candida

Some Good Books!

Yeast Infection No More (tm): Cure Candida Holistically!

They claim to be able to eliminate a yeast infection permanently, without any side effects, so the $39.97 investment in this book is cheaper than many treatments. Step by step instructions are there to guide you through.

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